Animal Models Core

The study of genetically modified mice has greatly expanded our understanding of kidney development and pathophysiology. The UT Southwestern O’Brien Center Animal Models Core provides cutting-edge technology to investigators wishing to generate mouse models for the study of kidney development and/or function.

The Animal Models Core serves three major purposes:

  • To provide the necessary reagents and expertise to mouse geneticists who do not normally study the kidney, to facilitate and encourage their move into this field.
  • To encourage non-mouse geneticists, especially clinical investigators, to venture into the mouse system and to ease this transition.
  • To provide tools to mouse geneticists who do study the kidney, to assist in their studies.

The Core generates and distributes several kidney-specific Cre recombinase and tetracycline-inducible activator and repressor lines to be crossed to floxed or tet responder lines provided by co-investigators. Core personnel assist in generating additional transgenic mice, knockout/in mice, and cell lines, as required by co-investigators. Core personnel also use and train investigators to use various models of organ injury/repair and ex vivo culture. As mentioned, the ultimate purpose of this core is to facilitate research on kidney development and pathophysiology.

Animal Core Services

Request Services:

  • b-actin-lsl-Wnt9b
  • CAGG-CreERT2
  • Catnb exon 3 flox
  • Catnb flox
  • Flippase
  • Foxd1-Cre
  • Foxd1CreERT2
  • Hoxb7cre
  • Kif3a mutant and wildtype cell lines
  • Ksp-rtTA
  • Ksp-tTA
  • Ksp/Cre (available through Jackson Laboratories)
  • Ksp/CreERT2
  • NCC-Cre
  • Pax8-YFP
  • Pkhd1-Cre
  • Rosa Confetti
  • Rosa-Lacz
  • Rosa-LSL-Wnt1
  • Rosa-Wnt1
  • Rosa-YFP
  • RosaTomato
  • Six2-Cre
  • Six2CreERT2
  • SLC12A3-cre
  • TetO-Histone H2B-GFP
  • Tie2Cre
  • Wnt9b flox/flox
  • Wnt9b+/-

Schedule Equipment:

  • Surgical Suite


  • Embryonic Kidney Organ Cultures
  • Kidney Injury or Repair Model
  • Renal Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury
  • Survival Bleeding Technique
  • Ureteral Obstruction

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