Annual Review 2016

President's Message

Connecting Brain Research to Better Care 

Brain disease affects some 50 million people in the U.S., causing a ripple effect of devastation beyond the patient. UT Southwestern, home to premier scientists and physicians in the neurosciences, is taking on the enormous challenge of finding better treatments, cures, and preventions for all types of neurological disorders through the Peter O’Donnell Jr. Brain Institute. Through gene editing, biomarker analysis, and other advanced scientific techniques, the goal is to connect research to better care.

Breaking New Ground in Research and Treatment

From research using nanoparticles and advanced cryo-electron microscopy to historic clinical achievements such as the first lung-liver transplant in North Texas, UT Southwestern continues to pursue and achieve breakthrough scientific discoveries and deliver revolutionary, lifesaving patient care.

Preparing for the Next Generation of Medicine and Science

So much has changed since UT Southwestern opened more than 70 years ago as a small medical college. Today, it is a vibrant, expansive campus laser-focused on medical care, research, and education. That evolution continues, including growth through innovative alliances, program and facility enhancements and educational curriculum improvements - all aimed at meeting health care needs of the future. 

Translating Genetic Data Into Personalized Medicine

Each person’s DNA is unique, providing clues about his or her health waiting to be unlocked. Using this information, researchers at UT Southwestern are identifying more effective, individualized disease treatments and pinpointing biomarkers that can aid in diagnosis or prevention. Biomarkers can also predict response to immunotherapy, a type of treatment in which the immune system is supercharged to fight off disease.

Building Upon Scientific Advances 

Brilliant ideas and hard work lead to discovery, just as breakthroughs inspire continued advancement. The exceptional, groundbreaking research of UT Southwestern scientists led to prestigious honors last year, including the Passano Award for important discoveries in cholesterol research and an extraordinary rare national grant to pursue more effective kidney cancer treatments.