Faculty Appointments

The Department of Clinical Sciences provides appointments to faculty who are promising or established investigators and scientists, and who agree to act as faculty for its courses, mentors for its trainees, members of its committees, and collaborators and consultants in multidisciplinary clinical research. 

The faculty consists of three major groups, which interact closely for the benefit of the clinical research community.

Academic Disciplines Common to All Clinical Research

The department is home to multiple academic divisions and core functions relevant to all clinical research including:

  • Clinical research design
  • Biostatistics
  • Epidemiology
  • Health services research
  • Behavioral and communication sciences
  • Clinical pharmacology
  • Biomedical informatics
  • Community outreach
  • Research ethics

The clinical investigators, whether well-established or promising new scientists, of the department serve as faculty for its courses, seminars, and workshops; members of its committees; mentors to its trainees and scholars; and collaborators and consultants in multidisciplinary clinical research. However, to ensure access to patients and referring physicians and to collaborators within their fields, such faculty will have their primary appointment in their specific clinical department. The clinical investigators in the department represent many of the clinical departments at UT Southwestern.

Representing a Broad Range of Basic Science Departments

A large and diverse number of outstanding basic scientists who are interested in translational research and have agreed to train young individuals who are committed to clinical research within the medical school have agreed to join the department in order to act as faculty for its courses, seminars, and workshops; serve on its committees; provide mentoring to its clinical research trainees and scholars; and act as collaborators and consultants to promote translational research.

The authority of the Department of Clinical Sciences to appoint and promote faculty provides an effective mechanism for UT Southwestern to recognize the achievements of clinical scientists regardless of their discipline or field of medicine. Faculty with appointments in the department and their trainees have access to key core resources and facilities.