Department of Biochemistry Seminar Series

Thursdays, L4.176, at noon, unless otherwise noted.

Aug. 31 Brian Bachmann, Ph.D.
Professor, Vanderbilt University
“Natural Product Engineering and Discovery for Precision Medicine”
Meg Phillips, Ph.D.
Sept. 7 Andy Evans, Ph.D.
Professor and Alfred R. Bader Chair, Queen’s University
“New Asymmetric Allylic Cross-Coupling Reactions: Total Synthesis of Complex Bioactive Agents”
Jef De Brabander, Ph.D.
Sept. 28 Christine Szymanski, Ph.D.
Professor, University of Georgia
“Exploiting Microbial Glycosylation Pathways to Improve Human and Animal Health”
Jennifer Kohler, Ph.D.
Oct. 9
Novartis Lecture
MooJe Sung, Ph.D.
Investigator III, Novartis
“The Discovery of Kisqali® (Ribociclib), a CDK4/6 Inhibitor for the Treatment of Breast Cancer”

David Macmillan, Ph.D.
Professor, Princeton University
“New Photoredox Reactions”

Joseph Ready, Ph.D.


Uttam Tambar, Ph.D.

Oct. 12 Ryan Looper, Ph.D.
Professor, University of Utah
“Engineering the Aminohexose-Cytosine Antibiotics as Selective Ribosomal P-site Inhibitors”
Joseph Ready, Ph.D.
Oct. 19 Aaron Beeler, Ph.D.
Professor, Boston University
“Enabling Medicinal Chemistry with Synthesis and Technology”
Special Seminar
Uttam Tambar, Ph.D.
Nov. 2 Weiping Tan, Ph.D.
Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
“From New Synthetic Methods to Natural Product Synthesis and Drug Discovery by Targeting Protein Degradation”
Chuo Chen, Ph.D.
Nov. 16 Cole Haynes, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts Medical School
A Mitochondrial Stress Response and Toxic Genome Amplification
Benjamin Tu, Ph.D.
Dec. 1
Ray Deshaies, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President for Discovery Research, Amgen
“Adaptive Exchange Hypothesis: Dynamic Specification of the SCF Ubiquitin Ligase Repertoire by Subtrate”

Deepak Nijhawan, Ph.D.

Dec. 14 Corinna Schindler, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, University of Michigan
Special Seminar
Uttam Tambar, Ph.D.
Jan. 4 Andrew Dillin, Ph.D.
Professor, UC Berkeley
Hamid Mirzaei, Ph.D.
Jan. 11 Vamsi Mootha, Ph.D.
Professor, Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital
“Mitochondrial Parts, Pathways, and Pathogenesis”
Richard Bruick, Ph.D.
Jan. 17
Karla Bravo, Ph.D.
Researcher, Dow AgroSciences
“Discovery and Synthesis of New Crop Protection Solutions”
Special Seminar
Uttam Tambar, Ph.D.
Jan. 25 Matt Bogyo, Ph.D.
Professor, Stanford School of Medicine
“Chemical Probes of Proteases: Application for Imaging and Therapeutics”
Jef De Brabander, Ph.D.
Feb. 1 Bart DeCorte
“Natural-Product Derived Novel Chemical Space – A Powerful Starting Point in Drug Discovery”
Jef De Brabander, Ph.D.
Feb. 8 Robin Kleiman, Ph.D.
Senior Director, Biogen
Noelle Williams, Ph.D.
March 1
Professor, University of Michigan
Meg Phillips, Ph.D.
Benjamin Tu, Ph.D.
March 22 Michael Rout, Ph.D.
Professor, Rockefeller University
Steven McKnight, Ph.D.
March 29
Aldrich Excellence in Chemistry Symposium
Michael Van Nieuwenhze, Ph.D.
Professor, Indiana University
Todd Hyster, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Princeton University
Joseph Ready, Ph.D.
April 5 Dan Goldberg, Ph.D.
Professor, Washington University
Meg Phillips, Ph.D.
April 18

Stuart Schreiber, Ph.D.
Professor, Harvard University

Excellence in Education Foundation Auditorium Simmons Biomedical Research Building

Meg Phillips, Ph.D. 
April 19
Assistant Professor, Stanford University
Dawn Wetzel, Ph.D.
April 26 Mary Watson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, University of Delaware
Joseph Ready, Ph.D.
May 3 Xiachun Yu, Ph.D.
Professor, Beckman Research Institute
Yonghao Yu, Ph.D.
May 17 Hening Lin, Ph.D.
Professor, Cornell University