Biochemistry Seminar Series

All seminars are at noon Thursdays in room L4.176 (Unless otherwise noted).

DateSpeaker and
Lecture Title
Sept. 24 Douglas Koshland, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair, University of California, Berkeley
"The McKnight Way: Ordered DNA and Disordered Proteins"
Steve McKnight, Ph.D.
Oct. 15 Robert Tjian, Ph.D.
HHMI Investigator and Professor, University of California, Berkeley
"Probing Transcriptional Mechanisms by Retro-biochemistry and Single Molecule Imaging”
Steve McKnight, Ph.D.
Nov. 12 Craig Lindsley, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair, Vanderbilt University
"Allosteric Modulation: From Preclinical Concepts to Clinical Candidates and Beyond"
Jef De Brabander, Ph.D.
Nov. 19 William G. Kaelin, Jr., M.D.
Professor, Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center
"The VHL Tumor Suppressor: Insights into Oxygen Sensing and Cancer Metabolism"
Deepak Nijhawan, M.D., Ph.D.
Jan. 7 Michael Rape, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair, University of California, Berkeley
"Building a Face, One Ubiquitin at a Time”
Rick Bruick, Ph.D.
Feb. 18

Joseph Gall, Ph.D
Staff Member, Carnegie Institution for Science
"Giant Chromosomes and Deep Sequences: What the Amphibian Oocyte Tells Us About Transcription”

Steve McKnight, Ph.D.
Feb. 25 Floyd Romesberg, Ph.D.
Professor, The Scripps Research Institute
“A Semi-Synthetic Organism with an Expanded Genetic Alphabet”
Joe Ready, Ph.D.
Mar. 3 Phillip A. Sharp, Ph.D.
Professor, Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT
“The Synthesis and Function of Non-Coding RNA”
Steve McKnight, Ph.D.
Apr. 20
4 p.m. (Wed)


Carol Greider, Ph.D.
Professor and Director, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
"Telomeres and Disease: The Maintenance of the Telomere Length Equilibrium"

Excellence in Education Foundation Auditorium
Simmons Biomedical Research Building

Steve McKnight, Ph.D.
Apr. 28

Charles P. Emerson, Jr., Ph.D.
Professor, University of Massachusetts Medical Center
“iPSC modeling of human myogenesis and muscle disease”

Steve McKnight, Ph.D.
May 5

Tom Maniatis, Ph.D.
Professor, Columbus University Medical Center
“The Generation and Function of Single Cell Diversity in the Mammalian Brain”

Steve McKnight, Ph.D.
May 26

Richard M. Losick, Ph.D.
Professor, Harvard University
“Stochasticity and Cell Fate” 

Steve McKnight, Ph.D.