Using the Demonstrations

To understand how to use tcaSIM and tcaCALC begin by running the demonstrations provided in the batch files downloaded with the executable file. The document "intro.pdf," downloaded from the Documentation link file, describes how to run the demonstrations. 

Each demonstration is a DOS batch file, or simple text file, that you can copy and edit to tailor for your own analyses. This is particularly useful when running tcaCALC, and provides you with a record of how experimental data were analyzed.

Each demonstration provides a brief explanation before running the program. More information about the seventh demonstration, demo7.bat in the c:\tcacalc2 folder, is in the demo7.pdf file obtained by downloading the Documentation link file.

Follow the instructions below to run the demonstrations.




Go to a MS-DOS command prompt
for your system.

For Microsoft Windows, go to the Start menu, select Run, type (if using Window 9x) or cmd (Windows 2000, XP) and press Enter


At C:\ type
cd c:\tcasim3

This changes the directory to tcasim3, the location of the tcaSIM files. 

The command for tcacalc2 is: cd c:\tcacalc2


Press the Enter

You are now in the tcasim3 directory.


dir *.bat

This will list all of the files with the .bat extension.  The demonstration files all have the .bat extension.



Run the demonstration by typing its name without the .bat extension. 

This example will run the demo1.bat demonstration. 


Press the Enter


Further Help

If you require further information about installing or running these programs, or need assistance on how to analyze a particular experimental situation, please contact Charlie Khemtong at