Karlos Moreno, Ph.D.

Dr. Moreno
Karlos Moreno, Ph.D.

My research is directed towards the study of intermediary metabolism of intact tissues and the application of hyperpolarization technologies to study metabolic disorders. I am currently focused on the use of 13C-labeled compounds, such as pyruvate, glucose and fatty acids, to probe hepatic metabolism with and without hyperpolarization technology. Working with Matthew Merritt, we are probing metabolic changes of the liver caused by oxidative stress, substrate availability, and metabolic disorders caused by disease.

Additionally, through a collaboration with Bruker Instruments, we are working to develop a new hyperpolarization technique called Signal Amplification By Reversible Exchange (SABRE). SABRE is a modification of parahydrogen induced polarization. Parahydrogen comes in close contact with a target substrate, and through scalar coupling, polarizes the substrate. Our efforts involve surveying possible probes for biological study, testing new catalysts and development of 'steady-state' hyperpolarization.

Research Interests

  • MRS studies of intermediary metabolism in intact tissues
  • Metabolic imaging agents
  • Real-Time Studies of Metabolism using DNP Technologies
  • SABRE Hyperpolarization

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