University Lecture Series – Fall 2016

The University Lecture Series (ULS) brings prominent scientists and speakers to UT Southwestern Medical Center to enhance the intellectual climate of the Medical Center community.

Time: 4 p.m. Wednesdays
Location: D1.600 Zale Lecture Hall

For more information, call 214-648-0734
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University Lecture Series Video Library

9/14 John M. Abrams, Ph.D.
Professor of Cell Biology
Chair, Genetics, Development and Disease Graduate Program
P53 and the Game of Transposons

Helen Hobbs, M.D.
Eugene McDermott Center for Human Growth & Development

9/21 Sue Biggins, Ph.D.
HHMI Investigator
Principal Investigator
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Reconstituting Kinetochore Functions in Vitro

Luke Rice, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

9/28 Duojia Pan, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
Hippo Signaling in Growth Control and Beyond James Stull, Ph.D.
Professor, Physiology
Room change
to D1.602
Edward M. De Robertis, M.D., Ph.D.
HHMI Investigator, Norman F. Sprague Chair of Molecular Oncology, Professor of Biological Chemistry
Molecular Gradients that Generate Animal Morphology in Evolution and Development

Saikat Mukhopadhyay, M.D., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Cell Biology

10/12 Elaine Fuchs, Ph.D.
HHMI Investigator, Rebecca C. Lancefield Professor of Mammalian Cell Biology & Development
The Rockefeller University
Stem Cells in Silence, Action, and Cancer

The Fouad A. and Val Imm Bashour Distinguished Lectureship in Physiology
Duojia Pan, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair

10/19 No ULS Lecture
10/26 Jodi Nunnari, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator, Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology
UC Davis

Mitochondrial Behavior

Jen Liou, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

11/2 Daniel J. Klionsky, Ph.D.
Alexander G. Ruthven Professor,
Deptartment of Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology
University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute
The Mechanism and Regulation of Autophagy

David Garbers Memorial Lectureship
David J. Mangelsdorf, Ph.D.

11/9 Yang-Xin Fu, M.D., Ph.D.
Mary Neil and Ralph B. Rogers Professorship in Immunology
Department of Pathology
Integrating Conventional Therapy into Immunotherapy: New Partners and Strategies Against Cancer

Center for Translational Medicine
Robert D. Toto, M.D.
Associate Dean
Clinical Science

11/16 Hao Wu, Ph.D.
Asa and Patricia Springer Professor, Biological Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology and Pediatrics
Harvard Medical School
Structural Elucidation of Innate and Adaptive Immunity

Zhijian ‘James’ Chen, Ph.D. Professor
Molecular Biology

11/23 Holiday Week - No Lecture
11/30 David Baker, Ph.D.
HHMI Investigator, Director for the Institute for Protein Design
Professor of Biochemistry
University of Washington
Post-Evolutionary Biology: Design of Novel Protein Structures, Functions, and Assemblies

Nick Grishin, Ph.D.

12/7 No Lecture
12/12 Eric Vivier, D.V.M., Ph.D.
Professor of Immunology
Director, Centre d'Immunologie de Marseille-Luminy
Marseille Medical School, France

The Dr. Michael Bennett Lecture in Immunopathology
James S. Malter, M.D.
Professor and Chair

12/14 Andrew McMahon, Ph.D.
W. M. Keck Provost Professor and Chair of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine
Director, Eli and Edythe Broad Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research
University of Southern California
Development and Repair of the Kidney

Jiang Wu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

12/21 Holiday Week - No Lecture

Benjamin Tu, Ph.D., Chair
University Lecture Series 2016–2017