Material Transfer Agreement

Incoming and Outgoing
For sending UT Southwestern materials to outside scientists in academia, government, or industry or for obtaining materials from outside organizations.

Request a Material Transfer Agreement

When a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) is required, the Principal Investigator (PI) or lab personnel can request one through iAIM. (UTSW login and password required.)

Confidential Disclosure Agreements

For sharing or receiving confidential unpublished/nonpublic information with or from outside organizations.

Request a Confidential Disclosure Agreement

  • The principal investigator (PI) fills out a CDA Request Form and returns it via email to Cooperative Research. The particulars of the meeting, the planned discussion, and the expected outcome are required in this form.
  • An agreement is then negotiated to provide a confidential discussion between UTSW faculty and employees and potential research partners.

Corporate Sponsored Research Agreement (Non-Clinical)

For conducting research sponsored for a for-profit entity.

Request Collaboration or Sponsored Research Agreements

  • PI emails Cooperative Research, providing the contract specialist with a research proposal and budget inclusive of the current commercial indirect cost.
  • Cooperative Research reviews the submission.
  • Cooperative Research drafts the appropriate agreement and sends it to the external agency for review/approval.