Patents Issued 2013

Here is a list of patents issued in 2013 naming UT Southwestern Medical Center as the inventor.

U.S. Patent Number: 8,513,209

Patent Title: Micro-RNAs of the MIR-15 Family Modulate Cardiomyocyte Survival and Cardiac Repair
Inventors: Olson, Eric N.; Van Rooij, Eva
Issued: 8/20/2013 

U.S. Patent Number: 8,507,754

Patent Title: Engineering Lipids in Vegetative Tissues of Plants 
Inventors: Chapman, Kent D.; Anderson, Richard
Issued: 8/13/2013 

U.S. Patent Number: 8,486,391

Patent Title: Cancer Treatment Methods Using Antibodies To Aminophospholipids
Inventors: Thorpe, Philip E.; Ran, Sophia
Issued: 7/16/2013 

U.S. Patent Number: 8,486,068

Patent Title: System, Kit And Apparatus For Attachment of External Fixators For Bone Realignment
Inventor: Starr, Adam J.
Issued: 7/16/2013 

U.S. Patent Number: 8,481,507

Patent Title: Micro-RNAs That Control Myosin Expression and Myofiber Identity
Inventors: Olson, Eric N.; Van Rooij, Eva
Issued: 7/9/2013 

U.S. Patent Number: 8,480,668

Patent Title: Devices For Use in Transluminal and Endoluminal Surgery 
Inventors: Cadeddu, Jeffrey A.; Bergs, Richard; Fernandez, Raul; Scott, Daniel; Tang, Shou Jiang
Issued: 7/9/2013 

U.S. Patent Number: 8,470,976

Patent Title: Methods and Compositions for Targeting Macromolecules Into the Nucleus
Inventor: Chook, Yuh Min
Issued: 6/25/2013 

U.S. Patent Number: 8,445,491

Patent Title: Wnt Protein Signaling Inhibitors 
Inventors: Lum, Lawrence; Roth, Michael G.; Chen, Baozhi; Dodge, Michael; Chen, Chuo; Tang, Wei
Issued: 5/21/2013 

U.S. Patent Number: 8,440,636

Patent Title: A Micro-RNA Family That Modulates Fibrosis and Uses Thereof 
Inventors: Olson, Eric N.; Van Rooij, Eva
Issued: 5/14/2013 

U.S. Patent Number: 8,408,049

Patent Title: Ultrasound Multiphase Fraction Meter and Method for Determining Phase Fractions in a Multiphase Fluid
Inventors: Antich, Peter; Smith, Billy; Richer, Edmond; Dogru, Ali; Hurmuzlu, Yildirim
Issued: 3/13/2013 

U.S. Patent Number: 8,394,583

Patent Title: VH4 Codon Signature For Multiple Sclerosis 
Inventor: Monson, Nancy Lee
Issued: 3/12/2013 

U.S. Patent Number: 8,406,859

Patent Title: Digital Light Processing Hyperspectral Imaging Apparatus
Inventors: Zuzak, Karel; Livingston, Edward; Cadeddu, Jeffrey A.; Ufret-Vincenty, Rafael; Francis, Robert P.
Issued: 3/6/2013 

U.S. Patent Number: 8,383,805

Patent Title: RNAi Modulation of SCAP and Therapeutic Uses Thereof 
Inventors: Goldstein, Joseph L.;  Brown, Michael S.; Horton, Jay D.; Moon, Young-Ah; Tan, Pamela; Soutschek, Juergen
Issued: 2/26/2013 

U.S. Patent Number: 8,362,277

Patent Title: Pro-Neurogenic Compounds (P7C3)
Inventors: Pieper, Andrew; McKnight, Steven L.; Ready, Joseph; De Brabander, Jef K.
Issued: 1/29/2013 

U.S. Patent Number: 8,334,405

Patent Title: Chiral Thiourea Compounds and Process for Enantioselective Reduction of Ketones
Inventors: Falck, John R.; Li, Derun
Issued: 12/18/2012 

U.S. Patent Number: 8,334,239

Patent Title: High Affinity VEGF-Receptor Antagonists
Inventors: Kodadek, Thomas J.; Udugamasooriya, D. Gomika; Brekken, Rolf A.
Issued: 12/18/2012 

U.S. Patent Number: 8,334,695

Patent Title: Method and Apparatus for Improving the Quality of MR Images Sensitized to Molecular Diffusion  
Inventors: McColl, Roderick W.; Purdy, David
Issued: 12/28/2012 

U.S. Patent Number: 8,329,745

Patent Title: Small Molecule Inhibitors of Ghrelin O-Acyltransferase
Inventors: Brown, Michael S.; Goldstein, Joseph L.; Harran, Patrick G.; Yang, Jing; Zhao, Tong-Jin
Issued: 12/22/2012 

U.S. Patent Number: 8,323,665 

Patent Title: Ricin A Chain Mutants Lacking Enzymatic Activity as Vaccines to Protect Against Aerosolized Ricin
Inventors: Ghetie, Victor F.; Vitetta, Ellen S.; Baluna, Roxana G.; Smallshaw, Joan E.
Issued: 12/4/2012 

U.S. Patent Number: 8,324,181

Patent Title: Modulation of Gene Expression by Oligomers Targeted to Chromosomal DNA
Inventors: Corey, David R.; Shames, David S.; Janowski, Bethany A.; Minna, John D.
Issued: 12/4/2012 

U.S. Patent Number: 8,323,962

Patent Title: Molecules with Extended Half-Lives, Compositions and Uses Thereof
Inventors: Ward, Elizabeth S.; Johnson, Leslie S.; Dall'Acqua, William F.
Issued: 12/4/2012 

U.S. Patent Number: 8,318,951

Patent Title: Stem Cell Differentiating Agents and Uses Therefor
Inventors: Schneider, Jay; Olson, Eric N.; Frantz, Douglas; Hsieh, Jenny; McKnight, Steven L.
Issued: 11/27/2012 

U.S. Patent Number: 8,304,397

Patent Title: Identification of a Micro-RNA That Activates Expression of Beta-Myosin Heavy Chain
Inventors: Olson, Eric N.; Van Rooij, Eva
Issued: 11/6/2012 

U.S. Patent Number: 8,299,268

Patent Title: Methods for Preparing Diazonamides
Inventors: Harran, Patrick G.; Hanson, Gunnar; Caldwell, Charles; Harran, Susan; Wei, Qi; Zhou, Ming
Issued: 10/30/2012

U.S. Patent Number:  8,228,158

Patent Title: Stem Cells Modified to Facilitate Threonine Catabolism 
Inventors: McKnight, Steven L.; Wang, Jian
Issued: 10/16/2012 

U.S. Patent Number: 8,258,163

Patent Title: Small-Molecule Agonists for Type-2 Orexin Receptor
Inventor: Yanagisawa, Masashi
Issued: 9/4/2012