About the Office

For UT Southwestern Faculty and Inventors

The Office for Technology Development (OTD) supports UT Southwestern Medical Center faculty and inventors by creating collaborative relationships with the public and private sector to develop, protect, transfer, and commercialize research results for the public benefit.

OTD’s team of cooperative research, licensing, patenting, technology transfer, and venture development experts provides an essential service to the UT Southwestern research community to promote effective and strategic partnerships in academic labs as well as industry through agreements related to valuable UT Southwestern intellectual property. Read about OTD policies and procedures.

For Industry

UT Southwestern Medical Center has been protecting and licensing intellectual property for more than 40 years. OTD's professional staff members work to create a pro-active, business-oriented culture and to promote viable relationships with commercial partners.

The Office has negotiated sponsored research agreements in excess of $222 million, created more than 600 license agreements, generated more than $165 million in licensing revenue, and assisted in establishing more than 20 start-up companies. See technologies available for licensing.

For Investors and Entrepreneurs

Technologies developed at UT Southwestern Medical Center can be commercialized through either licensing or the development of a new company (a start-up). The Venture Development group is responsible for researching technologies suitable for entrepreneurial development and assists in developing start-up companies based on those technologies. Read our success stories.