Marketing Inventions

Marketing technologies to interested companies maximizes licensing potential. Technology developed at UT Southwestern Medical Center and not previously committed to a commercial sponsor will be marketed as appropriate to potentially interested commercial entities.


Contacts are established with potential licensees by three primary routes:

  • UT Southwestern approaches potentially interested parties
  • Interested parties who have read a paper describing the work or heard a talk about it approach UT Southwestern
  • Personal contacts to whom the inventor describes the work

Non-Confidential Disclosure

If UT Southwestern is to take the lead in identifying potential licensees and the technology is ready for commercialization, a non-confidential description of the technology is prepared. This description is intended to spark interest in the technology.

The nonconfidential description should include:

  • Summary of the technology developed, stressing the commercial potential of the technology
  • Current state of competing products in the marketplace and their limitations
  • Indication of why this technology is superior to existing technologies and why it presents potential licensees with a competitive advantage

All reasonable applications of the technology, including discrete fields of use (i.e., markets) that can be licensed separately, will be identified.

OTD is responsible for developing marketing materials, but it is helpful if the inventor is actively involved in its development.