Sponsored and Collaborative Research Agreements

When a for-profit (or, in rare cases, a nonprofit) organization wishes to fund specific research at UT Southwestern Medical Center, a Sponsored Research Agreement (SRA) is put in place. SRAs differ from grants in the specificity of the research plan, the intellectual property and confidentiality provisions, and in the ability of the external party to terminate the agreement prior to its expiration.

All funding received under any Sponsored Research Agreement is subject to a non-negotiable overhead rate of 30 percent. 

Collaboration Agreements initiated by a for-profit entity are similar to SRAs, but typically do not include a budget (i.e. they are unfunded SRAs). As such, the intellectual property constraints are generally loosened.

When a principal investigator (PI) wishes to initiate research with an external, non-academic agency, a collaboration agreement or a contract for service may be employed. The nature of the research and the intellectual property provisions typically dictate which agreement to use.

If you are considering such an arrangement, please email Cooperative Research cooperativeresearch@utsouthwestern.edu. Please note that UTSW does not perform contracts for service for external agencies.

In many instances, a PI may collaborate with another academic investigator without the protection of a collaboration agreement; however, when engaging in research with unfamiliar investigators, in research which may lead to an invention, or when other specific requirements need to be set out (e.g. deliverables, publication rights, etc), a collaboration agreement is put in place.

This ensures that both parties are aware of the needs and expectations of the other and ensures no conflicts arise once the research commences.

Request Collaboration or Sponsored Research Agreements

  • PI emails cooperativeresearch@utsouthwestern.edu, providing the contract specialist with a research proposal and budget inclusive of the current commercial indirect cost.
  • Cooperative Research reviews the submission.
  • Cooperative Research drafts the appropriate agreement and sends it to the external agency for review/approval.