Cooperative and Sponsored Research

The Cooperative and Sponsored Research Division drafts, negotiates, and executes all non-royalty bearing legal agreements that govern the flow of intellectual property into or out of UT Southwestern Medical Center. These include material transfer agreements (MTAs), sponsored research agreements (SRAs), collaboration agreements, and confidential disclosure agreements (CDAs).

Cooperative and Sponsored Research’s main goals are:

  • To provide prompt and courteous service to faculty members and outside agencies, executing agreements in consultation with faculty and in the timeliest manner.
  • To ensure that all agreements comply with state and local laws, University policy, and any funding source restrictions.
  • To ensure all intellectual property provisions are fair, protective of faculty interests, and in accordance with University policy and the OTD mission.

Cooperative and Sponsored Research Structure

Cooperative and Sponsored Research is headed by the Director for Cooperative and Sponsored Research. New agreements are screened by the Director and distributed to specialists according to department and workload. Grants and contracts specialists handle material transfer agreements. Senior grants and contracts specialists handle all types of agreements.