About Technology Development

UT Southwestern Medical Center has been protecting and licensing intellectual property for more than 40 years. Prior to 1998, technology transfer activities at UT Southwestern were conducted by the Office for Legal Affairs. In 1998 the Office for Technology Development (OTD) was created to manage UT Southwestern's activities in this area and to facilitate the formation of biomedical companies based on UT Southwestern-developed technologies.

The OTD staff has since increased from six to 23 individuals who are now organized within four divisions: Technology Commercialization, Cooperative and Sponsored Research, Venture Development, and Financial Management. OTD's experienced, professional staff help create a pro-active, business-oriented culture and work to promote cooperative relationships with commercial partners.

OTD has generated well over $155 million in revenue and has helped create 37 start-up companies that have, in aggregate, secured more than $4 billion in investment capital and in partnering deals with major biotech and pharmaceutical partners.

The Office for Technology Development spearheaded the development of BioCenter at Southwestern Medical District, the University’s commercial biomedical campus. This award-winning, state-of-the-art venue encourages the maturation of UT Southwestern's innovative technologies. The Office for Technology Development envisions being an integral part of the success of the biotechnology industry in Dallas.

In these pages, inventors can review UT Southwestern's Intellectual Property Policy, find the answers to basic questions about intellectual property and licensing, and download an Intellectual Property Questionnaire. We invite your comments and feedback.