Benefits Enrollment Information

Important Reminders

You must declare whether you and or any of your covered dependents use tobacco by signing into your account on the My UT Benefits website.

If you are a current UT FLEX participant and would like to continue to participate, you must re-enroll to have UT Flex for the new fiscal year. If you use the debit card, please be sure to re-elect the debit card option even if you already have a debit card. 

Helpful Hints While Enrolling On My UT Benefits

  • A marriage license is required to add a spouse, and a birth certificate is required to add a child, even if the dependent is already covered on one of your other insurance plans.
  • When submitting supporting documentation, such as marriage licenses, birth certificates, or proof of current group coverage, write your full name and person number at the top of each document, then fax to 214-648-9881, a PDF, or send via campus mail to Human Resources, Mail Code 9023. Note: The deadline to submit supporting documentation is July 31.
  •  Evidence of Insurability (EOI) is required for the following insurance:
    1. To add or increase life insurance
    2. To add disability insurance
    3. To add or increase daily amount for long term care

    Please Note: Deadline to submit electronic EOI is August 15. 

  • Please complete the appropriate electronic evidence of insurability (EOI) form online as shown on the benefits summary screen for the following changes:
 When adding or increasing life insurance for you or your dependents, when adding short-term or long-term disability, and when adding or increasing the daily maximum for long term care.
  • To waive medical coverage, complete the waiver of health insurance form and forward it to Benefits along with the appropriate documentation as specified on the waiver form by July 31. The waiver form may be accessed from the forms link.
  • Review all confirmation statements following each electronic enrollment and carefully check your September paycheck to ensure accuracy.