Tissue Management

Providing IRB-approved centralized tissue procurement services, fresh tissue collection, histology services, tissue microarrays, and automated quantitative analysis of in situ biomarkers for Cancer Center members. 

The Tissue Management Shared Resource was established to provide IRB-approved centralized tissue procurement service for specimens derived from consented human participants. A full description of our services is listed below.


Archival Biospecimens

More than 23,000 bodily fluids such as blood, urine, and pleural fluid and tissue specimens including breast, lung, prostate, kidney, bladder, colon, liver, and pancreas have been collected since its establishment. Each tissue aliquot is evaluated by a board-certified anatomical pathologist to determine tumor cellularity. The resource has both frozen and formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue available for research projects.

Specimen-related data are captured and stored in our tissue management database, caTissue Plus, and are correlate with clinical information through the Simmons Cancer Center’s clinical research data warehouse (i2b2) and the University’s tumor registry. All specimen requests must be approved by the resource director and tissue-specific review committees. To request specimens, complete the Tissue Specimen Request Form or the Blood Specimen Request Form and email it to the Resource manager. 

Fresh Tissue Collection

In parallel with the banking effort, the Tissue Management Shared Resource offers prospective procurement services for fresh tissue. The prospective procurement is coordinated with the surgical staff, pathologists, and investigators. All prospective procurement requests must be approved by the resource director and tissue-specific committees and reviewed on a yearly basis. To request specimens, complete the Tissue Specimen Request Form or the Blood Specimen Request Form and email it to the Resource manager.  


Routine histology methods for formalin fixation, vacuum infiltration, and paraffin embedding are used by the shared Tissue Management Resource. Frozen or FFPE tissue sections are typically cut at 4 micron and can be stained with hematoxylin and eosin. Tissue processing and staining are fully automated. A Histology Request Form must be submitted before any work can be performed. Complete the form and deliver it to the histologist with investigator-provided tissue samples. If the investigator is requesting the use of the Tissue Management’s specimens, a Tissue Specimen Request Form and Histology Request Form should be completed and emailed to the Resource manager. All specimen requests must be approved by the resource director and tissue-specific committees. 

Tissue Microarrays

The tissue bank has pre-existing tissue arrays for a variety of invasive cancers. Each array is annotated with clinical information including tumor histology, grade, stage, and overall survival. Please contact the resource director to obtain more information. 

Quantitative Analysis of in situ Biomarkers

With the recent purchase of an Aperio ScanScope Turbo AT, any stained slide can be digitized and analyzed. In collaboration with trained pathologists, key tissue components of the digitized slide can be automatically analyzed to identify and quantify the cellular features or objects of interest within that component using preinstalled or user-defined algorithms. Quantification of the area and intensity of co-localized stains from the same image is also available. Information from serial sections can be cataloged and metadata can be exported to Excel or test files for further analysis. Please contact the resource manager to obtain more information regarding image analysis.  

Tissue Microdissection

A Leica AS LDM Laser Microdissection System is available to investigators who are interested in analyzing specific tissue elements (e.g. tumor vs. stroma). The Tissue Management Resource provides 1) consultation regarding use of Laser Capture Microscopy in research projects, 2) preparation of paraffin embedded or frozen tissue sections on specialized PEN membrane covered glass Laser Capture Microscopy slides for dissection and 3) training of laboratory personnel in use of the laser and microscope. 

Directed Banking

The Tissue Management Resource is able to assist in the processing and storage of specimens for any investigator cancer-related study. Standard operating procedures will be developed specific to the study. The Resource has ample storage for ambient or frozen specimens. All our ultralow freezers are monitored 24 hours a day with an external monitoring system. 


The fees listed are for Cancer Center members. Please contact the resource manager for non-Cancer Center member pricing and pricing for non-standard or specialty services not listed below.

Archival Tissue $10 / Aliquot (roughly 25 mg)
Archival Plasma/Serum $10 / Aliquot (roughly 1 mL)
Archival Buffy Coat from Blood $10 / Aliquot (typically from 2-5 mL of blood)
Fresh Tissue Collection $10 / Aliquot
Directed Banking $25 / Processed Sample
$10 / Unprocessed Sample 
Process and Embed Tissue $2.40 / Specimen
Section Unstained Slide (1 Section/Slide)

$3.50 / Slide (UTSTR Tissue)
$2.50 / Slide (PI Provided Tissue) 

Complex Sectioning

$5.50 / Slide (UTSTR Tissue)
$3.50 / Slide (PI Provided Tissue) 

H&E Staining $1.40 / Slide
Slide Box $3.15
Tissue Microarrays Contact Resource Manager
Laser Capture Microdissection $35/hr with Training or Assistance
$10/hr Subsequently 
Digital Imaging $12 / Slide
Image Analysis – Quote 
Technical Assistance $30/hr
Director or Co-Director Consultation for New Projects 1st Hour - No Charge
$100/hr Subsequently