Development and Cancer

Bringing together investigators in cancer biology, stem cell biology, and developmental biology to discover how aberrant developmental processes contribute to the initiation and progression of cancer.

The Cancer and Development Scientific Program focuses on the nexus between developmental biology, genetics, and tumorigenesis. The Program is designed to bring together investigators in the related fields of cancer biology, developmental biology, and genetics as a means of exploiting and focusing the diverse strengths at UT Southwestern Medical Center toward cancer and therapeutic intervention.

For more information contact:

  • Stephen Skapek, M.D.

Program Themes

  • Tumor-stroma interactions
  • Oncogene and tumor suppressor gene biology
  • Cancer cell programming
  • Epigenetics and cell fate
  • Stem cell biology and cancer

How To Get Involved

>Zebrafish are serving as a model for testicular tumors
Zebrafish are serving as a model for testicular tumors.

The Cancer and Development Scientific Program meetings facilitate sharing of model systems and collaborative interactions among basic scientists as well as interactions between basic scientists and clinical researchers.

Program meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month.