Take 5: K Application Website

The Center for Translational Medicine has developed new resources for young investigators applying for a variety of NIH-sponsored career development awards – "K grants" for basic, clinical, and translational researchers – including examples of funded applications, grant writing courses, K grant writing workshops, and one-on-one advice and counseling. These resources are designed to help researchers write and submit a strongly competitive grant application to reach the next level of his or her professional career.

Dr. Gregory Fitz
Gregory Fitz, M.D.

This effort emanated from the Office of the Dean and Provost, Gregory Fitz, M.D. 

"One of my goals for UT Southwestern is to enhance the career development of our young investigators. These new resources  are an important part of our academic mission and represent an important accomplishment for UT Southwestern in general and the Center for Translational Medicine in particular," Dr. Fitz said. "I strongly encourage department heads, center directors, faculty, and trainees to take advantage of these resources."

K Grant Application Help website

Purpose for the K Grants website

Career development is crucial, and the Center for Translational Medicine is here to help by providing hands-on grant writing assistance and resources to help you get to the next level of your scientific career. The K Grants Application Help website is a free resource, available to all UT Southwestern faculty and staff. This website can navigate any investigator through multiple parts of the grant writing process. The K Grants website can help an investigator who is just starting out in the K grants application process or in deciding which K grant is appropriate for them. The K Grants website has many different tools that can help researchers in the grant writing process.

Who can use this resource?

Any UT Southwestern faculty or staff member. It’s important to understand when developing a K grant application that it isn't a National Research Service Award (NRSA) application. This award mechanism is for postdocs (K99) or junior faculty (K01, K08, K23) members who have already developed preliminary data to show feasibility of the approach as well as a conceptual framework for their independent career.

Goal of the K Grants website

The overall goal of this website is to help investigators in the grant writing process, and increase the number of K awards at UT Southwestern.

What types of resources are available on the website?

  • Application templates for K Grants – The website has different templates from each section of a K grant application. This tool walks an investigator through the application process and how best to fill out the application. The templates provide fillable documents for UT Southwestern investigators.
  • Sample sections  These sample sections have been taken from a K01 application as an example of how each section is written.
  • Funded K Grant library – This library has been made possible by UT Southwestern award recipients who have generously offered their work. The library currently includes examples of mentored K awards (K01, K02, K08, K23, and K99) applications and summary statements. If interested, an investigator can contact the Center for Translational Medicine to view the full application.
  • K Grant website also offers writing tips from NIH reviewers, sample career development plans, and other helpful tips to writing a successful K grant.

How can the K grants application help website benefit investigators?

This resource provides hands-on assistance to any investigator at UT Southwestern that needs guidance in the grant writing process. 

K Awards Grant Writing Workshop

One of the top priorities of the Center for Translational Medicine is to increase the number of funded K grants on the UT Southwestern campus. The K Grant Writing Workshop is intended for UTSW junior investigators who are submitting K grants.

Who can attend the grant workshop?

Any fellow or junior faculty member at UT Southwestern can use the grant writing workshop.

When is the workshop?

The workshops are offered in sync with the NIH K grant cycles. The next one begins on March 3, 2015, and will run through mid-April. 

What do researchers do in the workshop?

Participants attend each week, engaging in a peer review guided by Bob Toto, M.D., of each other’s specific grant section. Participants must turn in their section the Friday before each session, review all sections submitted, and actively participate in discussion during the actual workshop.

How does a researcher sign up for the workshop? 

Researchers who are interested in the workshop should email ctmeducation@utsouthwestern.edu.

*Space is limited.

Is there a cost to use these resources?

There is no cost associated with using either of these resources.