Doing Research

The Center for Translational Medicine at UT Southwestern Medical Center supports a wide range of consultative resources, facilities, and funding opportunities related to clinical research.

Clinical and Translational Research Center (CTRC)

The CTRC offers investigators physical facilities in which to conduct clinical research that requires a controlled environment for investigations while supporting the safe and ethical conduct of clinical research and enhancing the quality of the research experience for study participants. It includes both an Inpatient Clinic and multiple outpatient clinics and has recently been expanded to include Population Resources including a Multiethnic Biobank.

Laboratory Services

To make the CTRC more accessible to UT Southwestern investigators, a CTRC Laboratory has been added providing phlebotomy services, processing of sample, and banking of body fluids, cells, and DNA and RNA.

Core Facilities

UT Southwestern Medical School supports numerous shared/core facilities which offer specialty services and expertise. These facilities continually add and develop new technologies and techniques to meet the evolving needs of investigators.

Consultative Resources

Consultative resources—including Spanish language validation services, biostatistics, epidemiology and research design, research volunteer recruitment, Redcap data management tools, pre-IRB review services, research ethics, and more—are available to investigators.

Funding Opportunities

Several funding opportunities made possible by CTSA funds are available to both junior and established investigators at UT Southwestern and its partnering institutions.

Please remember, if you receive support from the Center for Translational Medicine, you are required to: