Study Initiation

As a clinical and translational investigator, we know you are busy. The Clinical Research Unit staff aims to make the study initiation process smooth yet thorough to ensure the best possible outcomes from your research activities. Following the steps below helps the CRU staff fully understand your request, plan for your study, and ensure our services best meet your needs.

  1. Complete Request for Research Services and attach all required information (IRB-approved Protocol (or draft, if pending approval), consent form, nursing instructions, lab manual, and any other information that may be helpful).
  2. Submit a request through the CTM’s Research Launchpad and upload the completed form and all attachments.
  3. CRU staff will schedule a Protocol Review Meeting to include the CRU Medical Director, IDS Pharmacist, Nursing Manager, Business Manager, and the PI’s Study Team.
  4. A Letter of Agreement (LOA) will be drafted and circulated for signatures, at which time a CRU-specific study number will be assigned.
  5. In-service to train CRU research nurses on the implementation of the protocol.
  6. iLab In-service for study team (if needed) to provide instructions on how to request appointments and pay invoices.
  7. Study teams may then begin scheduling research participants through iLab.

If you have any questions regarding the study initiation process or need help compiling information, please contact Lisa Fleming, CTM Manager, or Maureen Osanjo, CRU RN Manager.

Request for Formal Quote

It is strongly recommended that study teams request a quote for CRU and IDS services PRIOR to submitting budgets to funding agencies. Pricing provided through a formal written quote is valid for two (2) years.

Follow the above steps to request a quote.