Population Services

The advent of next generation DNA sequencing has presented the opportunity to identify rare variants that cause human disease. A major challenge of this new technology is to determine if a variant that is identified by sequencing is causative or is a very low frequency polymorphism. This problem is exaggerated for individuals from underserved minorities who are under-represented in existing population-based databases.

The Multiethnic BioBank is designed to facilitate translational research in the medically underserved of North Texas. Recruitment is underway to obtain blood samples, genomic DNA, anthropometrics, blood pressure, and a brief medical history from 10,000 African Americans and 10,000 Hispanics (10,000 European-Americans have already been collected in collaboration with the Cooper Institute). All participants have consented to be contacted for future clinical studies.

Email the BioBank: thebiobank@utsouthwestern.edu