Clinical Research Unit Nursing

Our experienced nursing staff is specifically trained in research methods and the needs of clinical investigators. The staff is accustomed to the precision and attention to detail required in clinical research. With patient safety a priority, CRU nurses maintain the highest standards of research conduct utilizing expert clinical judgment, critical thinking skills, and a patient-centered approach. Each research participant is made to feel welcome, appreciated, and cared for in a superior and confidential research environment.

CRU nurses are available to assist investigators with logistics of protocol initiation and the specific clinical nursing aspects of clinical research protocols. CRU nurses perform oral and can assist in intravenous glucose testing; take anthropometric measurements; administer investigational drugs and infusions, including chemotherapy and biotherapy drugs; ensure data quality through detailed documentation and research-focused clinical care; and other services, including, but not limited to:

  • Assistance with the clinical patient care aspects of protocol development by defining the potential responses of volunteers to requirements of the protocol
  • Assistance with the standards of protocol conduct by assisting in the preparation of detailed flow sheets and physician order sheets to ensure that studies are conducted accurately
  • Provision of one-on-one routine and protocol-specific nursing care
  • Patient assessment and status, according to the protocol
  • Precise administration of study drugs and infusions
  • Placement and management of intravenous catheters
  • Handling and processing of all types of patient specimens
  • Assistance in precise data collection and documentation, according to protocol-specific procedures