CRU Core Laboratory Services

A major impediment to enrolling participants into clinical research is the lack of infrastructure for basic lab sample processing. To mediate this barrier, the CRU offers basic laboratory services for the collection, processing, and shipment of blood samples and other body fluids.

Study teams may use lab facilities on their own: dry ice, sample prep kits, and freezer storage are also available (see fee schedule). Alternatively, the CRU provides research coordinators and phlebotomists who offer laboratory assistance.

Each outpatient facility offers unique laboratory services, including -80 and -20 degree Celsius freezers at the Sprague Clinic, a -70 degree Celsius freezer at the Aston Clinical Trials Office, and centrifuges and sample preparation materials at each location.

Additionally, the CRU offers a pass-through lab processing service with Quest Labs. Any investigator with an active protocol in the unit may order special laboratory tests from this external provider.

Contact the CRU for more information regarding this service and see our fee schedule for associated fees.