CRU Core Laboratory Services

A major impediment to enrolling research participants into research protocols is a lack of an easy-to-use infrastructure for the collection and processing of blood samples and other body fluids. Therefore, the CRU has established a core laboratory for collection of blood and other body fluids. A phlebotomist service for all translational researchers is also provided by the CRU laboratory.

The collection and processing of tissues other than body fluids (blood, urine, and sputum) will be performed by the tissue repository core laboratory of the Cancer Center. The CRU core laboratory provides services on a fee-for-service basis. Plasma and serum are partitioned as needed and stored at -80°C. Genomic DNA and total RNA can be collected and stored for investigators.

The Human Genetics Core Laboratory is part of the McDermott Center for Human Genetics and provides phlebotomy and sample processing services for all clinical investigators associated with the CTSA. The lab is located on the 2nd floor of the NA building and is staffed by two full-time certified phlebotomists. Phlebotomy services and sample processing are available to all clinical investigators associated with the Center for Translational Medicine.


  • Sample collection at UT Southwestern and offsite
  • DNA extraction
  • Dilution of genomic DNA
  • Aliquoting of serum, plasma, and urine
  • Isolation of lymphocytes
  • EBV-Transformation of lymphocytes
  • Packaging and shipment of blood samples for routine laboratory testing
  • Sample storage