The CTRC offers access to inpatient, outpatient, and satellite services at multiple locations, with facilities to fulfill any investigator’s need at any stage of a study. These include a six-bed Clinical Research Unit staffed 24/7 by University-employed clinical research nurses in Zale Lipshy University Hospital, sixth floor; a six-room outpatient clinic in the James W. Aston Ambulatory Care Center; a six-room outpatient clinic the Charles C. Sprague Clinical Science Building; a four-bed outpatient clinic in St. Paul University Hospital; a two-room outpatient clinic in the Paul M. Bass Administrative and Clinical Center; and a “CTRC Without Walls,” in which CTRC staff can assist investigators in other locations.

CTRC Inpatient Facility

Zale Lipshy University Hospital

This CTRC inpatient facility is located at the 6th floor of Zale Lipshy University Hospital. This unit offers convenient access to six comfortable rooms (one private and five semi private) with full support from the Zale and CTRC nursing staff. Metabolic kitchen services are available via the Zale food services unit and lab support is available just around the corner at the Sprague clinic. The experienced nursing staff is available to implement and precisely administer study protocols within the safety of the hospital environment.

CTRC Outpatient Facilities

Charles C. Sprague Clinical Science Building

This CTRC outpatient facility is located on the sixth floor of the Charles C. Sprague Clinical Science Building. It connects the east wing of Parkland Memorial Hospital to Zale Lipshy University Hospital and is around the corner from the Zale inpatient unit. The CTRC outpatient area consists of more than 2,300 square feet and includes six procedure rooms (five single and one double) and a consultation room. This clinic has a full-functioning laboratory with access to -80- degree and -20-degree freezers as well as a refrigerated centrifuge. There is a fully-equipped office for investigators, a nursing office, a blood-drawing and processing area, and a patient waiting room. The CTRC also offers Bionutrition services with whole body DXA scanner and indirect calorimetry.

James W. Aston Ambulatory Care Center

This CTRC outpatient facility is located on the eighth floor of the James W. Aston Ambulatory Care Center. This center has traditionally been called the Clinical Trials Office (CTO). This fully-equipped outpatient clinic is available to all investigators and coordinators conducting clinical trials. The more than 1,770-square-foot facility features six exam rooms for research study visits, four blood-drawing/vital sign stations, and an infusion room equipped for up to two infusions. A laboratory facility features two ambient temperature centrifuges, one refrigerated centrifuge, a refrigerator, and a -70 degree Celcius freezer.

St. Paul University Hospital Outpatient Clinical Research Unit

The CTRC collaborates with the Nephrology Division to make available a clinic consisting of 3,700-square-feet of space, including four exam rooms (one for infusions), a reception area, a central study coordinator office for up to six coordinators, a lab with a centrifuge and freezers, locked storage cabinet space for study medications, and locked in-wall cabinet space for case report forms and other sensitive documents. The CTRC staff will float to this unit to support CTRC studies conducted by hospital and clinic investigators.

The Advanced Imaging Research Center

This NIH-supported Advanced Imaging Research Center is located on the North Campus and is jointly owned and operated with UT Dallas. The Center has state-of-the-art NMR imaging equipment, including a 7T MRI, and support personnel. A “satellite” CTRC has been established at the Center so that detailed metabolic studies (i.e., glucose clamp studies, exercise protocols) can be performed in the same facility as imaging studies.

Cancer Center Clinic

The Cancer Center carries out Phase I, II, and III clinical trials. CTRC nurses and coordinators can be made available to the Cancer Center clinics as part of the mobile CTRC, and cancer patients who are entered into studies that require overnight stays will be seen at the CTRC’s Inpatient Clinic.

Bass Center for Psychiatric Research

The Department of Psychiatry has a clinical research unit located on North Campus. The CTRC can use CTRC outpatient services for medical assessment, medication administration, and for the inpatient service (“float beds”) for specialized treatments for resistant depression and schizophrenia.

Other "Mobile CTRCs"

The CTRC has the capability of providing staff to go to requested locations to assist investigators when it is inconvenient to use other listed facilities.