Clinical Research Unit (CRU)"/> Clinical Research Unit (CRU)">

Clinical Research Unit (CRU)

The Clinical Research Unit (CRU), formerly known as the CTRC, is a multipurpose, centralized institutional resource for clinical and translational investigators on campus. The CRU provides services for all stages of a research project, from protocol development to implementation and study close-out.

The CRU’s purpose is to provide clinical research space and services to investigators in need of additional resources to complete their studies in a safe, ethical, and controlled environment. The CRU aims to be the gold standard of clinical and translational research at UT Southwestern Medical Center. The CRU is available to clinical and translational investigators and their study teams at UT Southwestern and Center for Translational Medicine partnering institutions.
Comprised of three physical locations – the Sprague Clinic, the Aston Clinic, and Zale Lipshy Inpatient Services – the CRU has the capacity to handle requests ranging from quick blood draws to overnight/inpatient stays. The Clinical Research Unit also provides basic laboratory preparation space, sample storage, EKGs, DEXA scans, nursing services, study coordinator services, and an array of additional services. Finally, our nursing staff can provide mobile services at other clinic locations across UT Southwestern, when deemed appropriate.
Prior to submitting grant or industry funding proposals for projects that will include CRU services, Investigators should contact the CRU for assistance in developing an appropriate budget for those services. See also Study Initiation.