T0 Research

T0 Research incorporates a broad area of pre-clinical approaches designed to inform an investigator about a pathway, pathophysiology, or treatment approach. Examples of experimental methods used for this purpose are animal models of human disease, human blood or cell lines, development of questionnaires, computational models, and human physiological studies, all of which are directed at mechanisms and presentations of human disease. These approaches are considered to be “bench” research.

T0 research can:

  • Identify the functional significance and mechanisms of genomic polymorphisms that are identified by human genome-wide association studies;
  • Study mechanisms or derive modifications of cells, proteins, and DNA that are present in human disease processes;
  • Develop a novel test or instrument for detection of disease that addresses new mechanisms; and
  • Collect and subject human tissue from disease and control subjects to define, describe, or inform clinical studies and trials.