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Center Director

Robert Toto

Robert D. Toto, M.D.
Principal Investigator of the Center for Translational Medicine
Associate Dean for Clinical and Translational Research
Phone: 214-648-2600

Administrative Staff

Sarah Christian

Sarah Christian
Financial Analyst
Phone: 214-648-0328

Lisa Fleming

Lisa Fleming, M.P.A.
Manager, Center for Translational Medicine
Phone: 214-648-2718

Maricela Lopez

Maricela Lopez
Administrative Associate
Phone: 214-648-2744

Nicole Halpin

Nicole Halpin
Marketing Coordinator
Phone: 214-648-2123

Biomedical Informatics

Ruben Amarasingham

Ruben Amarasingham, M.D.

Teresa Bosler

Teresa Bosler, PMP
Project Manager
Phone: 214-648-5833

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Clinical Research Unit

Jaime Almandoz, M.D.

Jaime Almandoz, M.D.
Assistant Medical Director

Tauri Matthews

Tauri Matthews
Administrative Associate
Phone: 214-648-8069

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Education & Career Development

Keith Argenbright

Keith Argenbright, M.D.
Director of Leadership, Mentoring and Career Development 

Amy Mackenroth

Amy Mackenroth, M.A.
Program Administrator
Education & Career Development
Phone: 214-648-2752

Helen Yin

Helen Yin, Ph.D.
Education & Training Co-Director
Phone: 214-645-6035

Andrew Zinn

Andrew Zinn, M.D., Ph.D.
TL1 Pre-doctoral Program Director
Phone: 214-648-0724

Tracking and Evaluation

Raul Caetano

Raul Caetano, M.D., Ph.D.
Program Director
Phone: 214-648-1500

Translational Pilot Program

Julio Perez-Fontan

Julio Perez-Fontan, M.D.
Phone: 214-648-9618

Regulatory Sciences Program

Blair Holbein

M.E. Blair Holbein, Ph.D., BCAP
Program Director
Phone: 214-648-5009

Biostatistics, Ethics, Research Design (BERD)

Chul Ahn

Chul Ahn, Ph.D.
Program Director
Phone: 214-648-9418

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Core 1: Target Identification and Validation

David Russell

David Russell, Ph.D.
Phone: 214-648-2509

Core 1 website

Core 2: Discovery in Humans

Helen Hobbs

Helen Hobbs, M.D.
Phone: 214-648-6154

James de Lemos

James de Lemos, M.D.
Phone: 214-645-7610

Core2 website

Core 3: Interventions in Humans

Madhukar Trivedi

Madhukar Trivedi, M.D.
Phone: 214-648-4689

Core 3 website

Core 4: Population Science and Community Engagement

Celette Skinner

Celette Skinner, Ph.D.
Phone: 214-648-9406

Ethan Halm

Ethan Halm, M.D.
Co- Director
Phone: 214-648-0266

Core 4 website

Research Environment

Angela Wishon

Angela Wishon, J.D.
Phone: 214-648-4803

Kate Wilkinson

Kate Wilkinson, M.S.
Research Participant Advocate
Phone: 214-648-6339