Review of Offsite Studies

1.  Submission Instructions

Registration of studies with the UT Southwestern Institutional Review Board (IRB) is now done electronically. Please have the following documents available when you register your study:

  • Copy of the approved study protocol or project summary,
  • Copy of the approved informed consent form, if applicable,
  • Copy of the IRB approval letter from the approving institution, and
  • If you are a student acting as the PI on the study, you must also have a Faculty Sponsor here at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

The above documentation should be submitted electronically to the UTSW IRB, after VA IRB approval, and before the research activities are initiated. 

See instructions on how to submit your study through eIRB.

2. Continuing Review

If the research continues beyond expiration date, the Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for providing the IRB with evidence of the continuing review approval from the approving institution.

See instructions on how to submit your Continuing Review.

3. PI's responsibility

The PI must notify the IRB if serious safety concerns or other problems should result in suspension or termination of approval of this study at the approving institution.