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We are a dedicated team of professionals who partner with the research community to facilitate quality human research in a way that protects the rights, safety and welfare of study participants and complies with ethical and legal standards for the conduct of science.

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Staff

James (Gregg) Wright, B.S., MCM
Phone: 214-648-5486
Victoria McNamara 
Senior IRB Coordinator
Phone: 214-648-8430 
Kimberly Hawkins
IRB Coordinator - Board 1
Phone: 214-648-3378
Christina Howard
IRB Coordinator - Board 2
Phone: 214-648-9453
Michael Sumner
IRB Coordinator - Board 3
Phone: 214-648-9547
Kimberly Mapes
IRB Coordinator - Board 4
Phone: 214-648-0232
Chuck Akers
Senior Regulatory Associate
(Expedite and Exempt Studies)
Phone: 214-648-3750
Fallon Constantine
Regulatory Associate
(Expedite and Exempt Studies)
Phone: 214-648-3278
Neil Stewart
Regulatory Assistant
(Adverse Events & Modifications)
Phone: 214-648-2583
Eriko Iwatate
Regulatory Assistant
(Adverse Events & Modifications)
Phone: 214-648-3680