Conflict of Interest in Research

UT Southwestern Medical Center and the Conflict of Interest Office ensure that relationships with outside entities do not:

  • Bias the design, conduct, or reporting of research
  • Jeopardize the protection of human research subjects
  • Detract from teaching, research, clinical, or administrative responsibilities
  • Inappropriately influence the research training of students or trainees
  • Result in improper transfers of state resources to research sponsors or licensees

In accordance with federal regulations and University policy, all research applications to federal agencies require certification that the investigators conducting the research do not have a conflict of interest, or if a conflict of interest exists, that the conflict is appropriately managed and monitored.

In additional, before the IRB can grant final approval of a human research protocol, all study team members listed in the application must submit a Statement of Financial Interest for review by the Conflict of Interest Office.