Flow Cytometry Core

The flow cytometry multi-user core facility has both North and South Campus locations. The facility is equipped with two FACScans, three FACSCaliburs, a CyAn, and a LSR II for user-operated data acquisition. Users are trained to run the benchtop analyzers and billing is calculated in half-hour increments.

  • FACScan - single-laser instrument, 488nm, capable of three fluorescent colors
  • FACSCalibur - dual-laser instrument with lasers at 488nm and 635nm, capable of four fluorescent colors * CyAn - a three-laser, nine-color instrument, with lasers at 488nm, 405nm, and 635nm
  • LSR II - a four-laser, sixteen-color instrument, with lasers at 488nm, 532nm, 405nm, and 635nm laser *
* The Calibur and LSRII on the north campus are both equipped with a HTS, high throughput system, to acquire sample directly from a 96 or 384 well plate.

There are five cell sorters available for use in the facility. The MoFlo and three Arias are operated by facility staff only. The AutoMacs is user-operated.

  • MoFlo - three-laser, nine-color, high-speed sorter with lasers at 488nm, 633nm, and 360nm
  • Aria - a five-laser, eighteen-color, high-speed sorter with lasers at 488nm, 532nm, 405nm, 635nm
  • AutoMacs – Automated benchtop magnetic cell sorter.

Training is mandatory for access to the benchtop analyzers. Training is $75 and should be scheduled when an experiment is available.

Computers and multiple software packages are available for data analysis free of charge to users.

FACScan FACScan $21/hr
FACSCalibur FACSCalibur* $21/hr
CyAn   $41/hr
  LSR II* $46/hr
Aria MoFlo/Aria $81/hr - first hr
    $76/hr - each hr after