Photographs from your youth can aid plastic surgeons

If looking through family photo albums during the holidays has you pining for a more youthful appearance, start the process by peering into the mirror, advises Dr. Rod Rohrich, chairman of plastic surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

“Look in the mirror and list the top three things that bother you about your appearance as well as three things you like,” says Dr. Rohrich.

Then bring in the photos from your youth as a helpful guide when consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon about which procedures, or combination of procedures, will best suit you.

“Whether you’re ready for wrinkle reducers such as Botox or facial fillers, laser treatments or a full face lift, photos from your youth can help a good plastic surgeon tailor a treatment plan to your natural beauty,” Dr. Rohrich says.

Using landmark anatomic studies done at UT Southwestern, plastic surgeons now have a much better understanding of how we age and have developed new techniques to restore your natural youthful appearance so you can look as good as you feel.

“This new customized face lift, for example, can make you look younger and fresher and may enhance your self-esteem, but it won’t give you a totally different look,” Dr. Rohrich says.

Make sure to pick a board-certified plastic surgeon who offers the full range of options, surgical and non-surgical, so you aren’t simply being steered to a limited number of procedures, he adds.

“A good plastic surgeon will be knowledgeable about the latest trends and techniques, but also be able to explain why it may or may not be a good option specifically for you,” he says. “Our research has shown that while we all age differently, there are many aspects of aging that are the same in all of us and this has allowed us to restore the face to its youthful appearance without distortion.”

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