How to scope out a good eye surgery center

Recent news that Food and Drug Administration inspectors found problems with record keeping at some LASIK centers may raise a few eyebrows over safety concerns.

“It really underscores the importance of getting beyond the hype by carefully selecting your eye surgeon,” says Dr. R. Wayne Bowman, a UT Southwestern Medical Center ophthalmologist. “We are seeing more and more patients who do not appear to be good or even acceptable candidates for refractive surgery either having their surgery done elsewhere or being told that it would be OK.”

Ask about your surgeon’s background and affiliations, as well as pose questions about the center’s safety and satisfaction record, advises Dr. Bowman. Free educational seminars, like those offered at UT Southwestern’s Laser Center for Vision Care, are especially helpful to learn about the diversity of eye surgery options. Then look to see what research surgeons you are considering have performed in the field, and whether they are affiliated with national ophthalmology associations.

“Also check how many procedures the center offers and how experienced the staff is with the various technologies to ensure you’ve considered the full range of correction options for your specific problem,” Dr. Bowman says. “The latest technology needs to be in the hands of an experienced eye surgeon to ensure the best possible outcome.”

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Media Contact: Russell Rian

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