Dr. Christopher Pierotti: Texas College of Emergency Physicians Award

The chaos and intensity is what Dr. Christopher Pierotti loves about the emergency room. Energetic and friendly, Dr. Pierotti said he loves having to think on his feet.

"You never know what's going to happen in the emergency room. To survive, you have to be ready to handle any one of a variety of situations," said the winner of the 2005 Texas College of Emergency Physicians Award.

Variety is one factor that first attracted Dr. Pierotti to medicine. He loves the broad range of knowledge required for working in the emergency room. He also enjoys interacting with patients.                                                                                            

Dr. Christopher Pierotti

"Patients come in to the emergency room, and they're scared and overwhelmed. But then they calm down and are so thankful that you're there to help them and that you can help them," Dr. Pierotti said.

Dr. Joseph Martinez, assistant professor of surgery and director of the emergency medicine clerkship program, said, "Chris is just great with patients. You trust that he knows what he's doing and is confident in his decision-making.

"We've never wondered about Chris's abilities because the first impression he makes on you is a lasting impression. And, like all of our students, he excels academically and is clinically outstanding."

Dr. Pierotti, who first experienced emergency medicine while volunteering at College Station Medical Center, said his sense of humor is just as valuable a trait as his medical school education, though laughing was a lot cheaper.

"You have to be easy going in the emergency room so that, when it's time to be serious and really focus on the patient, your head is clear and you're ready to handle the task at hand."

Winning the 2005 Texas College of Emergency Physicians Award entitles Dr. Pierotti to a one-year membership to the organization and $100.

Dr. Pierotti, a Dallas native, received his Bachelor of Biomedical Science at Texas A&M University. Following his graduation from UT Southwestern Medical School, he will begin an emergency medicine residency at UT Southwestern.

When he's away from his patients, Dr. Pierotti finds variety in his personal life by playing softball, sand volleyball and weight lifting. He also loves a good book and is an ace at crossword puzzles. And if he had more time, he said, he would love to get out and see the world.