Chief of hypertension named to Kaplan Chair

Dr. Ronald Victor, chief of the hypertension division of internal medicine, has been named the first holder of the Norman and Audrey Kaplan Chair in Hypertension.
Dr. Kaplan, a leading expert in the field and former chief of the division at UT Southwestern, and his wife, Audrey, created the chair as a gesture of gratitude to UT Southwestern.

"This wonderful gift is one of many indelible contributions Norman Kaplan has made to the academic environment at UT Southwestern and to our field of study,"said Dr. Victor.
 "I can't describe what an honor it is for me to be the first person to hold the Kaplan Chair. I am very touched by the support both Norm and Audrey have given me and all members of the division," Dr. Victor said. "Dr. Kaplan is my mentor, and their generosity sets an example for all of us."

The gift to the school, Dr. Kaplan said, was a small repayment for all he and his wife have received from UT Southwestern during his education and subsequent career at the institution.
"I am delighted that Dr. Ron Victor took over as the division chief in 1997. Ron is a solid researcher with great ideas and the organizational skills to see them fulfilled," Dr. Kaplan said.
Dr. Victor said the funds will be used to assist the research careers of young faculty and trainees in the field and to develop new research paths. His research has focused on the role of the sympathetic nervous system in causing high blood pressure and, more recently, on the condition in African-Americans, who are particularly prone to developing the disease.

He has served on the faculty of UT Southwestern since 1986 and has headed the division since 1997. Dr. Victor also holds the Dallas Heart Ball Chair in Hypertension and Heart Disease and is a principal investigator on the Dallas Heart Study - a project of the Donald W. Reynolds Cardiovascular Clinical Research Center.

Dr. Kaplan, professor of internal medicine, has served on the UT Southwestern faculty for more than 40 years. The eighth edition of his textbook, Kaplan's Clinical Hypertension, was published in 2002. He is currently at work on the next edition and has written more than 500 papers on the subject.