43rd Medical Student Forum recognizes 14 for poster research

Fourteen students were recognized in association with UT Southwestern's 43rd Annual Medical Student Research Forum in January.

Eight students were selected to give oral presentations from more than 70 abstracts submitted by student researchers and were honored with plaques and cash awards. The oral presenters, their topics and mentors, are:

Sarah Guinn, second-year medical student, "Targeting Multiple Her-2 Epitopes With IgG or F(ab)'2 Fragments of Anti-Her-2 Monoclonal Antibodies (M Abs) to Induce Anti-growth Activity of BT474 Human Breast Cancer Cells." Mentors: Drs. Ellen Vitetta and Camelia Spiridon.

Benjamin Hatten, third-year medical student, "A Prospective Study Comparing Standard Laryngoscopy to the Trachview Videoscope System for Orotracheal Intubation by Emergency Medicine Residents and Medical Students." Mentor: Dr. Lynn Roppolo.

Mariam Orji, first-year medical student, "Phosphoinositide - 3 Kinase Pathway Inhibition Reduces Hypoxia-Induced VEGF Secretion in Follicular Thyroid Cancer." Mentor: Dr. Fiemu Nwariaku.

Christina Robinson, first-year medical student, "Infarct Artery Patency and Prior Treatment With Beta-Blockers, Aspirin, Statins and ACE-Inhibitors." Mentor: Dr. Ellen C. Keeley.

Sandra Saldana, a Doris Duke Medical Student Research Fellow, "Are Serial Liver Biopsies Useful in Individuals With Primary Biliary Cirrhosis?" Mentor: Dr. Marlyn Mayo.

Daniel Sherbet, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Medical Student Researcher, "Structural Determinants of 17 Beta-hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase Directionality." Mentor: Dr. Richard Auchus.

Jill Vilaythong, second-year medical student, "Identification of Proteins That Interact With the AR Coactivator Protein, ARA70." Mentor: Dr. Michael McPhaul.

Agnes Wang, third-year medical student, "Saturation Prostate Biopsies After Negative Office-based TRUS Biopsies: Analyses of Outcome Predictors." Mentors: Drs. Khaled Farid Abdel-Aziz, Yair Lotan and Claus B. Roehrborn.

In addition to the oral presentations, nearly 50 students presented their work at the poster session held in the A.W. Harris Faculty-Alumni Center. The top six posters selected to receive special recognition are:

Basic Research Category

Rodney Infante, a second-year medical student, was recognized for "Purification and Identification of Oxysterol Receptor." Mentor: Dr. Michael Brown.

Ajay Sheshadri, a second-year medical student, was recognized for "Inhibition of HDL-Mediated eNOS Activation by the SR-BI Inhibitor Glyburide." Mentors: Drs. Chieko Mineo, Ivan Yuhanna and Philip Shaul.

Mary Warren, a second-year medical student was recognized for "Adipose Derived Neural Progenitor (ADNP) Cells: A Novel Source for Cell Replacement Therapy in Spinal Cord Injury." Mentors: Drs. M.K. McCoy, T.N. Martinez, C.G. Smith, B.R. Botterman, M.G. Tansey and K.E. Tansey.

Clinical Research Category

Paul Hess, a third-year medical student, was recognized for "Cutting Blood Pressure in Barber Shops." Mentors: Drs. David Leonard, Robert Haley, Anne Freeman and Ronald Victor.

Marte Martinez, a second-year medical student, was recognized for "Comparison in Effect of 72-hour Sustained Hyperglycemia on Insulin Secretion Rates Between Type 2 diabetes and Atypical Ketosis-prone Diabetes." Mentors: Drs. Philip Raskin and Maria Ramos-Roman.

Timothy Trojan, first-year medical student, was recognized for "An Association Between Anti-Ro Antibodies and Leukopenia in SLE." Mentors: Drs. Latisha D. Heinlen, Rufei Lu and Judith James.

Each of the students recognized for their posters received a cash prize.

The poster session featured Dr. Milton Packer, director of the Center for Biostatistics and Clinical Science, who spoke on "Should Physicians be Allowed to Do Clinical Research?" prior to a dinner reception.