Medical students choose best teachers for 2003-2004

First- and second-year medical students chose 29 faculty members as outstanding teachers for the 2003-2004 school year.

Second-year medical students selected Drs. Robert Alpern, former dean of Southwestern Medical School; Daniel Foster, professor of internal medicine; David Khan, associate professor of internal medicine; Walter Kemp, assistant professor of pathology; Richard Lange, former professor of internal medicine; Swapan Nath, senior lecturer of microbiology; Amit Pandya, associate professor of dermatology; Harikrishna Raja, assistant professor of internal medicine; Ellen Vitetta, professor of microbiology; and James Wagner, associate professor of internal medicine and associate dean of student affairs.

First-year students elected Drs. Barry Botterman, associate professor of cell biology; Michael Brown, professor of molecular genetics; George DeMartino, professor of physiology; Richard Finn, professor of surgery; Adrian Flatt, guest lecturer in anatomy; Elliot Frohman, associate professor of neurology; Dion Graybeal, assistant professor of neurology; Lange; George Ordway, professor of physiology; Matthew Porteus, assistant professor of pediatrics; and Keith Tansey, assistant professor of neurology.

Favorite class of the second-year students was clinical medicine. First-year students voted anatomy their favorite class.

The small-group teaching award from the class of 2006 went to Dr. Raja and Dr. Charles Timmons, professor of pathology. The class of 2007's small-group teaching award went to Drs. Daralynn Deardorff, assistant professor of psychiatry; Susanna Parker, assistant professor of psychiatry, and Claudia Werner, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology.

First-year students gave Drs. Robert McClelland, professor of surgery, and Gregory Schneider, former assistant professor of family and community medicine, the Best Elective Teaching award.

Dr. John Phelan, adjunct assist ant professor of cell biology, again was named winner of the Kathryn Howe Muntz Outstanding Teacher Award. The award is given to an instructor who has made the greatest contribution to the teaching of gross anatomy. It was named after Dr. Muntz, an assistant professor who taught gross anatomy to first-year medical students. She died in 1999. Dr. Phelan has won the award every year since 2001.