Contact Communications

The Communications staff works with members of the news media to facilitate assistance with medical and science stories and is responsible for internal and external public communications of science and medical news and information. 

The office also produces Southwestern Medicine magazine, the Center Times newspaper, the monthly Grand Rounds calendar, academic catalogs, departmental newsletters, and other special publications.

Communications staff may be contacted by sending an email message or by writing:

UT Southwestern Medical Center
6363 Forest Park Road, Suite BLA.100
Dallas, TX 75390-9060
Phone: 214-648-3404
Fax: 214-648-9119

Mark Lane, Assistant Vice President 

Ellen Beth Levitt, Assistant Director, Internal Communications 

Russell Rian, Assistant Director, Public Relations

Debbie Bolles, Managing Editor

Kristen Holland Shear, Manager, Web Editorial/Social Media  

Patrick Wascovich, Publications Manager

Cathy Frisinger, Senior Communications Specialist

Valerie Garcia, Internal Communications Specialist

Wendy Hall, Designer

Sarah Hardey, Web Editor 

Lin Lofley, Senior Communications Specialist

Remekca Owens, Senior Communications Specialist

Angela Patterson, Senior Internal Communications Specialist

Gregg Shields, Senior Communications Specialist

Lori Sundeen Soderbergh, Senior Communications Specialist

Heather Svokos, Senior Internal Communications Specialist 

Deborah Wormser, Senior Communications Specialist