Implants should not deter women from annual mammograms

Although mammograms are more difficult for women who have breast implants, they are still necessary.

Experienced mammographers, once informed of the implants, will know how to adjust imaging protocols. They may need to take additional views, and the image may be more difficult to read, so women with breast implants should look for a mammography center with a staff experienced in dealing with implants.

“A standard mammogram requires four views — two from each breast — while a woman with implants will need four views of each breast,” says Dr. Phil Evans, associate vice president for imaging services at UT Southwestern Medical Center. “Women with implants should not avoid an annual mammography, a potentially life-saving test.”

There is a slight risk of the implant rupturing from the pressure of a mammogram, but Dr. Evans says the medical importance of detecting breast cancer early outweighs this risk.

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October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Media Contact: Connie Piloto

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