Avoid sweet tooth growth during Halloween outings

Although kids relish the sheer tonnage of candy they can collect in a single Halloween night, parents should set limits on the sugar intake, both for their children and themselves, says Lona Sandon, a registered dietitian at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

“A good rule of thumb would be no more than three bite-size candies or one fun-size candy bar,” she says. “And keep the treats to just a few times per week. Also, set some rules on when the candy can be eaten such as only as a dessert, after lunch or dinner, not before meals.”

Ms. Sandon adds that parents should set the example by limiting their candy intake.

“Parents should start by only buying the amount of candy needed for the trick-or-treaters,” she says. “Avoid grabbing an extra bag and avoid those 50 percent off candy sales after the holidays.” 

Media Contact: Kristen Holland Shear

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