Halloween 2009 News Tips Extra

Trick-or-treaters: When making plans for Halloween fun, be sure to include safety precautions in the evening’s line-up, says Dr. Paul Pepe, chairman of emergency medicine at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

“Parents should make sure that the costumes fit properly. If the length of the costume is too long, children may trip and fall,” Dr. Pepe says. “Also, consider using make-up rather than masks to keep vision optimal.”

Dr. Pepe also recommends the following tips for a safer Halloween:

  • Wear only flame-retardant costumes and, if outside at night, make sure the costumes are bright and have reflectors.
  • Carry a light, strobe or other device so you can be seen after dark.
  • Travel in a group with adult supervision; make sure an adult chaperone is carrying a cell phone in case of an emergency; use the buddy system.
  • Plan your route to avoid busy intersections and poorly lit areas.
  • Go only to neighborhoods you know; avoid strangers’ houses; beware of unfamiliar pets.
  • Never eat unwrapped treats.

Media Contact: Connie Piloto

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