Winter Weather: Keeping Warm

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This week on Health Watch, we’re talking about dealing with winter weather. Previously, we talked about heating your home safely. You should also think about staying warm when you leave the house.

If you’re going from your garage at home to the parking garage at work, so you never really have to go outdoors, you may not think you need to bother bringing a coat. Dr. Paul Pepe, chairman of emergency medicine at UT Southwestern Medical Center, says that’s not a good idea. You should always be prepared to spend an hour in the cold whenever you leave the house. What would you do if you had car trouble or got into an accident? Being unprepared for the cold could leave you at risk for hypothermia, which can be deadly. It’s a good idea to keep some blankets, a flashlight and some water in your car so you’ll be prepared for cold-weather emergencies.     


January 2012

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