Back to School: New School Shoes

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This week on Health Watch, we’ve been talking about getting ready to send kids back to school. The one part of going back to school that kids usually enjoy is back-to-school shopping for new clothes. When you buy the new school shoes, make sure they fit properly.

You’ll know your children need new shoes when there’s wear in the toes or seams of the shoes or excessive wear in the sole or heels. Go shopping for new shoes late in the day, when feet have swollen. Have both feet measured for size. Feet aren’t always exactly the same size, so fit the larger foot, and leave about a finger’s width between the toe and the end of the shoe.

Dr. Michael VanPelt, a podiatrist at UT Southwestern Medical Center, says badly fitting shoes can affect foot development and posture, as well as cause back and leg pain. Avoid high heels or backless shoes, like flip-flops, for children. These kinds of shoes increase the chance of injury.


August 2011

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