Health Watch - Winter Fun: Preventing Skiing Injuries

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This week on Health Watch, we’re talking about enjoying outdoor winter activities. Previously, we discussed how proper training is essential before you go skiing. But it isn’t just your body that needs to be prepared before a ski trip.

Having the right equipment and using it properly can help prevent injuries. Learn to ski from an expert so you’ll know the right way to stop, turn and fall. Ski on slopes suited to your skill level. Have your ski bindings checked before your ski trip and test the binding release every day. The ski pro shop can help you learn the proper settings. Wear a helmet when you ski to prevent head injuries, which are the leading cause of death from skiing. Don’t ski when you’re under the influence of alcohol or other drugs that could affect your reaction time and reflexes. Dr. Robert Dimeff, a sports medicine specialist at UT Southwestern Medical Center, says these tips, in addition to getting your body in shape, will help you have a safer time on the slopes.   


January 2011

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