Health Watch - Tax Time: Making Changes

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This week on Health Watch, we’ve been talking about dealing with tax time. If tax season every year is particularly stressful because you’ve been disorganized, you may be resolving to change the way you handle your records and your finances the rest of the year. How long will that resolve last? 

Making changes of any kind is difficult. Dr. Timothy Wolff, a psychiatrist at UT Southwestern Medical Center, says making changes forces us to look at negative aspects of ourselves, and we don’t like to do things that make us feel bad. Change is also difficult because behaviors are so deeply ingrained. It helps to start with reasonable goals that you’re more likely to achieve. If you’re usually disorganized, you’re not going to become a neat freak overnight and start keeping detailed spreadsheets to record each expense. It might be easier to start with something simple like labeled envelopes for stashing receipts.


April 2011

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