Health Watch - Tax Time: Dealing With Stress

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This week on Health Watch, we’re talking about tax time. If you’ve put off doing your taxes, this could be a stressful time for you. You can’t avoid the stress, but you can find ways to deal with it.

Stress comes from external and internal pressures. At tax time, that could include the tasks of gathering records and filling out forms. It can also include the personal financial issues that taxes force us to face. Dr. Stephanie Setliff, a psychiatrist at UT Southwestern Medical Center, says most people react to stress either by freezing, trying to avoid it or carrying it. Over time, stress can lead to physical problems. To deal with the stress of tax time, try to take care of yourself, exercise, eat well and get plenty of sleep. Recognize when you need to ask for help. You could get professional assistance with your taxes, delegate or share tax chores with your spouse or get help from your family or professionals with other jobs around the house while you focus on taxes.


April 2011

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