Health Watch - Stroke: Warning Signs

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This week on Health Watch, we’ve been talking about surgery to prevent stroke. Even if a stroke can’t be prevented, some of the damage from a stroke can be prevented with prompt medical treatment. That requires knowing the signs of a stroke.

There are drugs that can limit the damage from a stroke if they’re given quickly enough after the stroke begins. Dr. Mark Johnson, a neurologist and stroke expert at UT Southwestern Medical Center, says there are five key signs of stroke to look for in yourself or someone near you.

First, the walk – is the person’s balance off-kilter? Next, the talk – is the speech slurred or the face drooping on one side? Then, the reach – is there weakness or numbness on one side? Fourth, vision – has the person partially or totally lost vision? And finally, pain – is there a sudden, severe headache? If you notice these symptoms, call 911 immediately. Don’t wait to see if things get better because that can delay life-saving treatment. 


February 2011

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