Health Watch - Vacation: Rejuvenation

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A summer vacation may be a family tradition or something you do for the kids, but taking a vacation is also good for your health. This week on Health Watch, we’ll talk about getting the most out of your summer vacation.

We generally think of a vacation as a time to rest and relax, but Dr. Ann Matt Maddrey, a psychologist at UT Southwestern Medical Center, says you should also remember that the word “vacate” means “to empty.” By emptying your mind of your normal routine, you make room for new things. That allows you to recharge your mental batteries. You’ll be more energized and effective, as well as more creative, after taking a break.

The good news is that you can get this vacation benefit without leaving home, in case your budget doesn’t allow for travel. The important thing is to change your daily routine. Think about the things you’d enjoy doing on vacation and try to find a way to do those things in your hometown.


July 2010

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