Health Watch - Holiday Hazards: Singing

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This week on Health Watch, we’re talking about preparing for the holiday season. For people who participate in choirs, this time of year can be a real strain as they rehearse for and perform holiday programs. That means it’s important to preserve the voice.

Excessive use can strain the voice, and dry conditions, illness or allergies can make matters worse. Dr. Ted Mau, a laryngologist in the Clinical Center for Voice Care at UT Southwestern Medical Center, says one way to protect your voice is by resting it when you can. Avoid talking during rehearsal breaks. Don’t push your voice when it’s a strain to talk or sing. It also helps to remain hydrated. Drink water instead of alcohol or caffeinated beverages, which can be drying. Instead of clearing your throat, which can be irritating, take a sip of water. Avoid smoking or being in smoky areas. 


December 2010

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