Health Watch - High-Tech Medicine: Scarless Surgery

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This week on Health Watch, we’re talking about high-tech medical advances. When you have surgery around your face and neck, you’d like to have as small a scar as possible. How about no scar at all?

Surgeons at UT Southwestern Medical Center are among the first to perform head-and-neck surgery by going through the mouth, so that there’s no external scar at all. Surgeons have been using endoscopic laser surgery for head-and-neck surgery, inserting a scope to give visibility and a laser for the surgery, but it only works well in straight lines. Now surgical robots give surgeons more flexibility to operate in the mouth and throat all the way down to the vocal cords without any external incisions.

Dr. Baran Sumer, a UT Southwestern head-and-neck surgeon who is trained in the procedure, says patients will notice a huge difference. There’s less scarring and disfigurement, shorter time in surgery, shorter recovery time and fewer complications.


July 2010

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